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DISV has supported Waluka Primary School near Kisumu in rural Kenya since 1998. Throughout the year the school undertakes a number of different fundraising activities to ensure that the 750 Waluka students are fed during their school year and also enable investment in the school. DISV also has students in Grades 10 and 11 that visit Waluka Primary School and undertake service activities, every year.

DISV also supports and visits a Romanian orphanage. Students throughout the school donates colourful family boxes containing a variety of objects and a group of students visit the orphanage every October and April. 'Project Centipede' (http://centipede-vienna.org/pages/en/home.php) has developed into a key service activity at DISV.

CARITAS (https://www.caritas-wien.at), a local charity, receives any unclaimed 'lost and found' items left at the school.

Many students continue to support charities after leaving DISV; the most connected with our own efforts is that of one of our alumni through "Make Me Smile" (http://makemesmile-kenya.org/en).

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