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Languages Statement

At Danube International School Vienna language is central to learning and all teachers are language teachers. Although English is the language of instruction, the community values all languages, aiming to ensure that students maintain their mother tongue, learn the language of the host country and acquire additional languages.

International mindedness is implicitly woven into our learning and teaching and is an important part of our learning and teaching strategy. This we believe recognises our communities’ cultural and linguistic heritage and prepares our students for the demands of a culturally and linguistically diverse world.

Guiding Principles

  • The diversity of language within the school community is seen as a positive characteristic, something to be encouraged and celebrated.
  • Language is the means through which ‘internationalism’ can express itself and therefore, is used as a tool of inclusion rather than exclusion.
  • Students of all language backgrounds may be admitted to the school based on their potential to succeed.
  • Each student’s mother tongue is valued and fostered due to its critical role in establishing the foundation for thinking processes, maintaining cultural identity and developing communicative competence.
  • Language is our means of thinking and communicating so it is intrinsic to learning in all areas of the curriculum. Therefore, all teachers share the responsibility for fostering language development.
  • The host country language is valued through the provision of a German programme giving students cultural understanding and access to their local community.
  • Language development in an additional language is considered important to international understanding and personal growth.
  • The English language curriculum is rigorous and relevant to enable students to achieve high academic standards in all areas.
  • New to English (NTE) programmes, English Language Development (ELD) programmes and in-class support provide for students acquiring English.
  • Language is best acquired in a positive environment that provides opportunities for students to be engaged in meaningful learning experiences. This is in alignment with our learning and teaching strategy.
  • Ongoing professional development for our staff ensures high quality language learning for our students.
  • Engagement with our parents and our community fosters a mutual understanding that supports our students as language learners.
  • Languages and cultures are considered a rich resource and are used through varied events and presentations to build student self-esteem and to develop intercultural awareness and understanding.
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