Danube International School Vienna (DISV) started off life in 1992 in Schrutkagasse in the 13th District. The school had another name then, Pawen International Community School, that now houses a Rudolf Steiner school. We began with 9 students and we finished in June 1992 with over 170. This was quite a fast growth rate and showed us how much the community in Vienna needed an international school. In fact, we outgrew the building. By the end of the second year it was terribly noisy during break time in such a small building. There was a small garden, which got very muddy in winter when students played out there. Needless to say, there was no gymnasium or assembly hall. We needed a move.  The school began the IB Diploma in 1992.

We found a building at Gudrunstrasse 184, in the 10th District, which was home to DISV for seven years from 1992 to 1999. It was an office building originally used as a torpedo factory during World War II. This was clear from the shape of the lift, very long and thin! Our school occupied the whole of the first floor and half of the ground floor. Sharing the ground floor with our performing arts studio, kindergarten and primary classes was a Chinese restaurant.

Josef Gall-Gasse

Starting our first school year in Josef Gall-Gasse was an event largely notable for dust, drilling noise and cardboard boxes. It was the closest anyone had taught or learned in what seemed like a building site. In quick succession the front entrance, theatre, cafeteria, art studio, computer centre, science laboratories, business office, winter garden, gymnasium, stage and hall all became ready for use. The art studio took a little longer to complete because a mould for the stairwell had to be made, then concrete poured in from the roof and left to set for two weeks before use. Students and teachers had all put up with a lot but it had been worth it. DISV finally had its own very beautiful home!

Then, only two years later we were preparing for the 10th anniversary of the school's foundation which was marked by community projects, school photographs and notable lectures.

New Wing Rebuild

In 2003 the school managed to take over the lease of what was formerly the `Artists in Residence´ section adjoining the school. This section is officially on Böcklinstrasse but is interconnected with the main school. The new wing is home to the Early Years Unit, elementary classrooms, secondary office, staffroom and smaller language teaching rooms.


The school starts the IB MYP in 2003.

Attic Renovation

In 2009 the school developed the attic of the main school building. This development added 800 square metres and is now used by the mathematics department, economics and business management, visual and performing arts.

EYU Centre

In 2010 the school completely renovated the bottom two floors of the Böcklinstrasse wing to develop an Early Years Unit which is fully equipped for two classes and has its own indoor play area.


The school begins the IB PYP in 2010.


In 2011 the school renovated the hof and added a new set of play equipment with safety flooring.


In late 2013, the school opened a new wing that housed four social sciences classrooms and a large brand new design technology studio.


In the summer of 2016, the school built 6 additional classrooms using space over the Hof to keep up with growing enrollment. 

Entrance Area Expanded

In the Spring of 2020, the entrance to the school was extended for pick up and drop off, a new school sign was added, and additional locks for bikes and scooters was added to keep up with growing enrollment.