Dear Fellow Parents,

Welcome to the PADIS (Parents Association of Danube International School) Community!

PADIS’s mission is to support a quality education program and enhance the community spirit of the school.

Whether you are a busy parent who is happy enough to manage to get the kids to school on time every morning, or a parent with a little bit more time in hand, maybe even taking on a role of being a Class Parent, we are all part of this community and can make a difference for our children’s experiences of school life.

With all the tough Corona-time hopefully soon behind us, we need to get back to “normal” and show community spirit even more than before. I’m sure it will benefit both parents and kids. Bake Sales; Halloween, Saint Nicolaus and Fasching celebrations; Waluka Bazaar, Crazy Hair Day, Sports Day, End-of-Year Summer Party. These are just a few events we plan to bring back, providing lasting memories for the children and ensuring that they experience a sense of

community outside of their individual classrooms.

However, these events cannot happen without your help!

Of course, as always: the more the merrier. So, if you can, please join us! We need you! Even if you are not confident (maybe have language issues), We can guarantee that you will have a good time among helpful and embracing people.

Turn to your Class Parent Representative for more details, or write to us at PADIS@danubeschool.com


Best regards