Secondary Principal's Welcome


We are honored you have selected us to support the growth of your loved ones. With a rich history of remarkable graduates, 30 years of building unique and unparalleled experiences for our students, and a focus on each child and young adult as an individual, Danube represents far more than a school. This extraordinary environment is a special place where students are empowered through experiences, content and curriculum which push their intellect, skills, athleticism and artistry. These rare opportunities take our students where many others will never imagine, and create shared adventures and enrichment that build confidence, develop a healthy self-image, maturity, and a greater understanding of the world around us.

From scholastic competitions such as MUN, Debate, Math and Physics Olympiads, to inspiring portfolios showcased in the DP Art Exhibition, to bringing joy through dance and song, to returning home with athletic championships in multiple sports across the seasons, Danube seeks to build opportunities for everyone. Truly it is here, through all of our possible adventures, that each of our students carry on the story of perseverance, camaraderie, growth and victory. Our students strive toward excellence, thrive in the bonds of friendship and derive joy in the journey that brings them to the greatest challenges, and through the most difficult struggles.

With alumni attending colleges across the globe, there is no shortage of opportunity for the Danube graduate. Nurturing growth, confidence and success is how we lay the foundation for our alumni to stand strong in the accomplishments they have earned, and step confidently into their next stage of life. While we serve 60 nationalities with a similarly diverse faculty, students' life stories only broaden when they know they can succeed, and understand how to move forward.

We are more than a school. For 30 years we have been taking joy in celebrating children, fostering friendships full of laughter, working diligently to contribute positively to each child and young adult's journey, while being honored to be witness to our families’ lives. And this is the most powerful thing of all: while victories and accomplishments and accolades are wonderful, the most beautiful thing we see is the growth and development of each student we serve. As our students move beyond our walls, the opportunity to relish in the journey they have had, take pride in their individuality, and look to contribute to the world in a positive way shines the greatest for Danube.

Thank you for being part of the DANUBE Community,

Rachel Pernet

Secondary Principal