The After School Activities (ASA) programme at the Danube International School Vienna enables students to participate in a wide range of different activities and shows them that there is 'life' after school. We hope that students develop new skills and gain an understanding of team work and commitment. The activities are primarily staff led, but we also use a number of external specialists to deliver various courses. The programme consists of a variety of choices from competitive sports teams to music and art, dance, robotics, debate, and language learning.

Students can choose from one up to a maximum of six different activities each year with each session running for ten or eleven weeks. As the programme continues to grow each year, it is true that both leaders and students have a lot of fun learning together.

Below you can see more details about the artistic, cultural and sporting range of activities that we currently provide.


Unsurprisingly for Vienna, we have a wide range of artistic activities for a small school.

Our performances by our student body have included for example - 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' by Roald Dahl, 'An American Idiot''Little Shop of Horrors’, ‘Lion King' and the 'Beauty and the Beast'.

We have an active elementary choir, student bands across the age groups, recorder classes and a range of privately taught music classes taking place at the school.

Our students have moved to the beat of Zumba and Salsa, and stretched like ballet stars and yoga masters.  Students also participate in Dance and Musical Theatre.

They can capture all these activities through Danube Current (a student run journalism/film media outlet), photography club, movie makers club, or create in the art and crafts club and try to produce 'pop' art.


The school has a wide range of cultural activities.

We have older students involved each year in Model United Nations (MUN) and they attend MUN conferences in both Munich and Milan.  DISV also co-started the first MUN Vienna with annual conferences since 2018.

We have a journalism club, a student yearbook, theatre visits and critical reviews, community service programmes and a film club.


DISV competes in the Danube Valley Athletic Conference, as Danube Dragons, with teams in soccer, basketball and volleyball; and with individuals in tennis, swimming, cross country and athletics.

The Dragons compete against schools in Vienna and others in Austria, Hungary, and Slovakia.  DISV competes in individual games, festivals and full tournaments at elementary, middle and high school levels.

We also compete in two separate competitions with our own ski-team, which consistently punches above its weight, which is important when we consider our Austrian cultural roots.

Our ASA programme offers a variety of other sports and opportunities for younger students, with baseball for upper elementary and middle school students, lower and upper elementary soccer, secondary badminton, elementary gymnastics, chess, capoeira, judo and karate.

Individuals have also competed in international showjumping and international karting events, with most noticeably one student qualifying for the Olympic Games in Rio and another student racing in Renault Formula 2.0.